My name is Heather Fergie and I was born in Kendenup in 1967 and attended the Kendenup Primary school. My childhood was spent on a farm which overlooks the Stirling Ranges.

I have spent many years as a part time leadlight artist, producing many traditional as well as modern windows. The simplification of objects into areas of flat colour and the black line produced by the lead are all very familiar to me and it is not surprising that I have carried these across into my paintings.

The mountain view from my studio window changes all the time. Sometimes the hills are a deep blue while at other times they are hazy and indistinguishable from the sky.

The agricultural land in the middle-ground changes palette with the seasons. My favourite colours are the summer creams, ochres, and olive greens on a backdrop of blues. These background colours are the colours artists have used ever since the Heidelberg School of art to portrait the Australian bush.